Wall of Fame 2023

A Wicked tribute to our honorable supporters.

As we prepare for the Grand Opening of Wicked Eden, we are excited to unveil a special addition to our space – the Wall of Fame. This wall will pay tribute to our generous sponsors and supporters, as well as some of the most notable and respected people in the kink world: legendary dominatrixes, content creators, and more. These incredible humans are the real MVPs.

At Wicked Eden, we believe that the sex work industry should be celebrated and respected, and we are proud to showcase some of the most inspiring and accomplished individuals who have made significant contributions to this field. The Wall of Fame is a reflection of our commitment to excellence, and we are proud to have the support of so many esteemed individuals.

These individuals went above and beyond to contribute to this project and will be forever enshrined on the walls of our Wicked Eden. Many of these people have shaped the industry and inspired countless individuals to embrace their sexuality and desires.

We know that the sex work industry has long been stigmatized and marginalized, but we believe that it is time for a change. It is through the support of our sponsors and supporters, and the acknowledgment of the significant contributions of sex workers and Dommes, that we can create a space that is truly special and unforgettable.

As you explore the Wall of Fame during the Grand Opening, we encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the power of collaboration and the importance of recognizing those who have helped us on our journey. We believe that it is through gratitude and mutual support that we can all achieve greatness.

Our work isn’t done yet, however, and we still need support as we grow. Your donations to the Autonomy Project help to realize our vision.

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