“Empowered consent” refers to a concept in which individuals willingly and enthusiastically participate in a given activity or interaction while feeling empowered, autonomous, and in control of their decisions. In the context of relationships, intimate encounters, or any form of interaction, empowered consent emphasizes that each party freely and knowingly agrees to engage in the activity without coercion, pressure, or manipulation.

Empowered consent goes beyond the mere absence of a “no” to actively seeking an enthusiastic “yes.” It prioritizes clear communication, open dialogue, and a genuine understanding of each person’s boundaries and desires. This approach ensures that all participants have the freedom to voice their preferences, establish limits, and revoke consent at any point without judgment or repercussions.

In practice, empowered consent encourages ongoing check-ins, respect for personal agency, and a culture of mutual respect and understanding. It acknowledges that consent is not a one-time event but a continuous process that requires active communication, empathy, and sensitivity to the needs and feelings of all involved.

In alternative lifestyle spaces like Wicked Eden, empowered consent forms the foundation of a safe and respectful environment, allowing individuals to explore their desires with confidence and without fear. By embracing empowered consent, the Autonomy Project aims to foster a community that celebrates individuality, champions communication, and promotes genuine, meaningful connections among its members.

Empowered consent is not merely a part of play - it's the foundation upon which all trust and respect are built, allowing the purest forms of connection to unfold.

Conduct Rules

At Wicked Eden, we are committed to creating a safe, welcoming space where all guests can explore their desires and connect with one other. To ensure a positive experience for everyone, we have established the following rules

  1. Practice empowered consent! You must obtain clear permission before engaging in any physical contact or activity with another individual. If you want to engage in verbal role-play, make sure you have explicit consent from the other person involved. This includes explicit consent before using any specific titles, honorifics, or terms.


  2. If you witness any non-consensual behavior, please report it promptly to a staff member or designated delegate. Violation of our consent policy may lead to removal from the event or group. These rules are in place to protect every individual, and they apply to everyone equally. If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a staff member.
  3. Demonstrate respect by using preferred pronouns. Never assume, ask politely. Remember, using someone’s correct pronouns is an act of inclusivity, respect, and validation of their gender identity.


  4. Consent can be revoked at any time, including the use of safewords during a scene. Wicked Eden supports the use of safewords along with open communication and negotiation of limits before engaging in a scene.

    Here are some examples of safewords:
    “YELLOW” signals caution, a need to slow down, or take a break
    “RED” indicates that the activity must stop immediately.
    “SAFEWORD” signifies the need for outside assistance and an immediate end to all scene activities.

  5. Respect boundaries. All guests must respect each other’s boundaries, both physical and emotional. No means no, and any requests to stop must be respected immediately.

  6. Seek explicit permission before participating in a scene. Avoid assuming you are welcome to join. Be mindful of privacy and avoid intruding upon private moments within a scene.

  7. Respect privacy. What happens at Wicked Eden stays at Wicked Eden. Guests must respect the privacy and confidentiality of other guests, and not share any personal information without explicit consent. This includes the use of photos or other recording equipment, which is prohibited in the playspaces when others are present.

  8. Minimize disruptions and comply with requests to be quieter or step away from scenes. This includes intrusion on aftercare activities. Remember, not everyone’s scenes may be conducted at the same style or pace as yours.

  9. Treat others with kindness, empathy, and respect. Use inclusive and affirming language in all interactions. Remember this is a safe space for everyone.

  10. Respectful behavior. Guests must behave in a respectful and courteous manner towards other guests and staff. Any disrespectful or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and may result in immediate removal from the space.

  11. Members Only. Everyone who attends an event where play of any kind is involved, such as a play party, class, or demonstration, must be a member of the Autonomy Project. This allows us to operate privately and without interference from outside entities. This also allows us to keep our community safe.


  1. We adhere to RACK Playspace Rules: Risk-Aware Consensual Kink. This means that all parties involved must be made aware of potential risks and complications, play within their skill level, and provide transparency about possible issues. If you wish to do a potentially emotionally triggering scene, such as consensual non-consent, please do so in a private room and not in a public space.


  2. It is our desire to give others a place to explore without heavy restrictions, and as such, we only prohibit play that is wet, messy, or has a risk of bloodborne pathogens, such as bloodplay. Please make use of the safer sex supplies provided and avoid contamination of bodily fluids on any surface. Each room has condoms of various sizes, lube, underpads, and gloves available, but you are encouraged to bring your own.


  3. The use of silicone lube is NOT PERMITTED. Latex may be shined with silicone lube, but we ask that it be wiped down thoroughly before you arrive or sit/touch any surface. Silicone lube presents a safety hazard with our vinyl flooring. Use of silicone lube is grounds for immediate removal from an event.


  4. Equipment and furniture should not be moved without explicit permission and assistance from a staff member. Seek help for complex scenes or situations as needed, we’re always happy to help.


  5. In the playrooms, phones and cameras are not allowed when others are present. Taking photographs without consent is strictly prohibited. Report any unauthorized picture-taking to a staff member.


  6. No food, open beverages, or glass containers in the playrooms. Closed water bottles are allowed! You may bring your own, or purchase one from the merch stand. Outside food and drink are also not permitted, except for water. If you have specific dietary needs, please inform a staff member during check-in for appropriate arrangements.


  7. Please be considerate of where you park and mindful of our surrounding neighbors. We do not advise parking in the residential areas behind the building! This includes being aware of your behavior, speech, and attire when arriving or leaving the venue, as well as when outside smoking or buying food from the food truck. Make sure you are fully dressed when entering and exiting the building.

  8. When using the equipment, always make sure to use protective barriers, such as disposable pads, to create a barrier between skin and furniture. Afterward, please clean up properly with the disinfectants provided, as these are safe for skin, leather, and our equipment. There are cleaning stations in every room. If a station needs refilled, please let a staff member know.


  9. Feel free to use any of our 3 bathrooms to clean up after your play, but be mindful of others who may need to use the facilities. If there is a line for the restroom, please refrain from using the showers. If you are occupying the bathroom for an extended period of time, we reserve the right to enter and relocate you.


  10. Scat & Roman Showers are not permitted. Watersports may be done in bathrooms only, and only if there is no current demand for the facilities.


  11. Engaging in medical play, which includes activities like play piercing, staples, needles, and cutting, is allowed only in designated areas. It is imperative to use gloves during these procedures and dispose of any sharps in the designated receptacles. Fire play is permitted on a case-by-case basis, please see a team member to receive further instruction.