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Alexandra Snow, Des Mori, and Futuristic Fembot are the visionary founders behind Wicked Eden and the Autonomy Project. With their combined expertise and passion for creating inclusive spaces, they have brought to life a unique community dedicated to fostering respect, personal autonomy, and empowerment. Alexandra Snow, a renowned figure in the adult industry, has utilized her experience to advocate for the rights of sex workers and promote healthy exploration of sexuality. Des Mori, a multi-talented professional in various aspects of media production, brings creativity, dedication, and a commitment to community building. Futuristic Fembot, with their dynamic skills in event coordination and community outreach, has played a vital role in shaping the vision and mission of the Autonomy Project. Together, they embody the values of diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment, working tirelessly to provide resources, education, and support for individuals across the spectrum of gender, sexuality, alternative lifestyles, and kink. Their collective efforts reflect a profound commitment to creating a world where everyone can embrace their authentic selves and experience personal growth and fulfillment.

You can learn more about them below, or for an in-depth look, check out A Wicked Eden documentary. 

Alexandra Snow

Founder & Executive Director


FOUNDER & Director of Operations



Our Amazing Team


At the Autonomy Project, our volunteer team is the heart and soul of our organization. They are a passionate and dedicated group of individuals who believe in our mission of fostering respect, encouraging personal autonomy, and supporting marginalized communities. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and bring a range of skills and experiences to the table. They play a crucial role in supporting our programs, events, and initiatives, and their contributions help us create a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. Our volunteer team is organized into various committees, each focusing on specific areas of our work. These committees play a vital role in driving our mission forward and ensuring the success of our programs and initiatives. We invite you to join one of our committees and become an integral part of our dedicated team.

  1. Events Committee: This committee is responsible for planning and organizing our events, including workshops, classes, parties, and community gatherings. As a member of this committee, you will contribute to creating engaging and inclusive experiences for our community.

  2. Outreach and Advocacy Committee: This committee focuses on raising awareness about our mission and advocating for the rights and well-being of the LGBTQIA+ community, sex workers, and alternative lifestyle communities. Join this committee to make a difference through education, outreach campaigns, and community engagement.

  3. Education Committee: This committee is dedicated to developing educational resources, workshops, and training programs that empower individuals with knowledge and skills related to sexuality, kink, and alternative lifestyles. As a member of this committee, you will help shape our educational initiatives and contribute to fostering a culture of informed consent and inclusivity.

  4. Fundraising and Development Committee: This committee plays a critical role in securing financial support for the Autonomy Project. You will have the opportunity to assist with fundraising campaigns, donor cultivation, grant writing, and other strategies to ensure the sustainability of our organization.

Joining our volunteer team is a fantastic way to contribute your skills, passions, and ideas to further our mission and share your ideas.. Volunteers also receive discounts and free tickets, help create our event schedule, and more. If you are interested in volunteering, use the form below!