Behind the Curtain

Daddy Des

Des Mori, AKA Daddy Des

Des Mori is a photographer, video producer, and the current Director of Operations at Wicked Eden. Des has enjoyed many years in the lifestyle kink scene but moved on to professional adult work in 2016. Working alongside Alexandra Snow, Des has played many roles over the years in the evolution of the Alexandra Snow brand. They’ve worn many hats, often working in marketing, video production (shooting and editing), dungeon management, photography, event coordination, education, and professional one-on-one coaching.

Des enjoys expanding their knowledge in all aspects of adult work, both creative and administrative. They’ve experienced many facets of the adult industry and even some more traditional film work. Des is credited as cast and crew in the documentary “A Wicked Eden” starring Alexandra Snow- an achievement they’re incredibly proud of, as the destigmatization of sex work is very close to their heart.

Des endeavors to bring connection and knowledge to their community, from online-hosted educational events to exclusive industry retreats. Des sees the potential in all the fantastic, industrious sex workers they’re surrounded by and wants to give back to the community that has given them so much. As the future of Wicked Eden grows ever brighter, Des looks forward to sharing the skills they’ve obtained and being a resource for other adult industry professionals.