for Creators & CREATIVES

Whether you are a photographer, videographer, content creator, or budding creative, you can utilize our beautiful space to create art in a safe and supportive environment.

We also provide a selection of lighting and other camera gear for an additional fee. Please note: we do not currently offer full service production services, but we do offer coaching and education across all aspects of the creative spectrum.

for professionals

We rent our facility to professionals on a case by case basis for coaching, classes, and professional services.  Contact us directly for more information.

Rental Rates


$100/hour (As low as $50/hour with a membership!)

Due to the expansive nature of our space and equipment, the minimum rental rate is 90 minutes. Membership is not required for rental, but certain memberships do provide discounts!

Our themed rooms are rented individually, and are fully soundproofed so you can enjoy your time without being disturbed by the adjoining rooms. 

Additional rooms may be rented for $25-50/hour. We encourage longer rentals and the option to explore multiple rooms! Each rental includes you and one other person. Additional people up to 4 can be added for an extra $75 per person.

Each room features a small collection of props, but you can add on access to our prop closet for an extra $100-150. Specialty props are an additional fee due to the cost of replacement. Additional deposits may be required depending on the equipment you wish to use.

Certain membership levels receive rental hour credits and discounts on hourly rentals. See our memberships here!

One room of your choice



Our online rental system is now online! Due to limitations in our system please email us so we can assist you with full day and half day rentals.


We allow for 2 people per rental at the listed rate. If you need to have additional people (such as photographers with multiple models, hair & MUAs, etc) we do charge a nominal fee. Contact us for a custom quote and let us know what your space needs are and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. 

We only allow rentals of the same type (i.e. creators/photographers OR professionals) to occur at the same time. For creators shooting video, we limit rentals in adjoining rooms as well, to ensure you have a quiet atmosphere to record audio.

If you have a large project, such as multi-hour shoot, we’re happy to conduct a private tour of the space so you can gauge your lighting and equipment needs. Otherwise, we encourage you to attend an Open House or social event to view the space during our normally scheduled activities. 

Our space is not available for walk-ins or same day visits, due to the nature of our bookings.

As of 2024, no, you do not! However, members enjoy a variety of perks beyond discounted rates, which include access to our creator events, coaching and consults, free rental hours (for Creators and Professionals), and more. For more information about our memberships, go here: Autonomy Project Memberships

For daytime and evening rentals, a staff member is on site in another area of the space to assist with any questions or concerns and provide safety if needed. We do not interrupt or intrude rentals except for safety reasons.