Embracing a Broader Community Vision

How we're growing with our community.

When the doors of Wicked Eden swung open in June, it marked the beginning of an ambitious journey. Our initial goal was clear-cut: create captivating spaces and host monthly play parties to support the cost of our extensive renovations. However, as the months unfolded, our vision began to transform, mirroring the rich diversity of our growing community.

Beyond BDSM: A Tapestry of Diverse Identities

We quickly realized that Wicked Eden was not just a haven for the BDSM community in Columbus. It was becoming a sanctuary for a much broader spectrum: LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, trans individuals, those in alternative lifestyles and non-monogamy, sex workers, and beyond. Our community was blossoming into a vibrant mosaic, demanding a broader focus.

Transforming the Ethos of Autonomy Project

Our ethos at the Autonomy Project has always been about more than just attendance. We envision a community that is not only about receiving but also about giving – a place where mutual contribution and transformative experiences are the norm. We want to foster an environment that inspires creativity, growth, and collective building.

New Horizons: Educational Opportunities and Social Engagements

Negotiation is a fundamental aspect of BDSM play. It involves open and honest discussions about desires, limits, and boundaries, while also respecting and using the appropriate honorifics and pronouns for each participant. Before engaging in any scene, take the time to communicate your expectations, preferences, and any hard limits. It is important to listen actively to your partner’s needs and boundaries as well. Establishing a safe word or signal is another vital tool to ensure that consent remains explicit and easily communicable throughout the play.

Establishing and respecting boundaries is crucial for the emotional and physical well-being of all participants. Boundaries define what is acceptable and comfortable for each individual. It is important to have open discussions before engaging in any BDSM activity to determine limits and boundaries. This includes discussing specific acts, intensity levels, and areas of the body that are off-limits. Respect for boundaries is essential, and any changes or adjustments should be communicated and mutually agreed upon by all parties involved.

By introducing more flexible membership options and expanding our educational programming, we're not just responding to our community's needs; we're anticipating them and setting a course for a future filled with growth, understanding, and meaningful connections.

New Horizons: Educational Opportunities and Social Engagements

In line with this renewed vision, starting in 2024, we’re excited to introduce a diverse array of educational opportunities. These will range from classes and workshops focusing on sexual health, wellness, skill-building, psychology, and communication. Our goal is to host at least one class and one discussion group each month, providing our community with valuable learning experiences.

Social events have also emerged as a vital aspect of community building. After the tremendous success of our last Tavern Night, we’re eager to incorporate more of these social gatherings into our schedule. It’s here we’ve witnessed the formation of beautiful, lasting friendships – a dynamic we didn’t often see at play parties.

Intimate Experiences and New Membership Benefits

Recognizing the need for spaces where individuals can share intimate experiences, we’re introducing “open play nights” for our gold and silver members in Q1. Additionally, we’re revamping our rental system to align with our new membership options, ensuring more tailored and beneficial experiences for our community members.

Your Invitation to Co-Create With Us

Perhaps most excitingly, we’re opening up the floor for our members to help shape our event calendar. This is your call to bring your ideas, passion, and skills to the forefront. We’re particularly keen on expanding our volunteer team in planning, social media, and site administration. As a small team with big dreams, we aim to triple our volunteer base by next year!

Join Us in Shaping the Future

If you have ideas, skills, and time to contribute, we welcome you to reach out. Together, let’s craft events and experiences that reflect the dynamic spirit of our community.

Wicked Eden’s journey is an ongoing story of growth and adaptation. As we evolve, we stay true to our core mission: to build a community that gives as much as it receives, a community that grows, creates, and thrives together.

Be a part of this exciting transformation. Reach out, get involved, and let’s shape the future of Wicked Eden together.