Exciting New Membership Changes

More options, more flexibility, more inclusivity

The Autonomy Project has always strived to evolve alongside the needs of our diverse and vibrant community. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a significant transformation in our membership structure, focusing not just on inclusivity but also on financial accessibility.


Understanding that financial accessibility is crucial in building an inclusive community, we have restructured our membership tiers to provide more options, especially for those who might find annual fees challenging.

Lifestyle Memberships: Tailored to Your Life

Our Lifestyle Memberships, designed for individuals who resonate with LGBTQIA+, kinky, adventurous lifestyles or those on a personal growth journey, now come in three distinct tiers: Gold, Silver, and Standard. Each tier is crafted to cater to various needs and levels of engagement within our community.

  • Gold Membership ($500/year): Ideal for deeply engaging with our community, this tier offers substantial event discounts, private rental hour credits at Wicked Eden, member-only events, and more.
  • Silver Membership ($250/year): With significant event discounts, rental benefits, and access to exclusive events, the Silver tier is perfect for regular community participants.
  • Standard Membership ($125/year or $20/month): In our commitment to making our community more accessible, we’ve introduced a monthly payment option for the Standard Membership. For just $20 a month, this option eases the financial barrier to entry, ensuring that more individuals can join our vibrant community.

Professional Memberships: Elevating Your Professional Pursuits

For content creators, sex workers, educators, and other professionals, our Professional Memberships offer the resources and space needed to thrive.

  • Content Creators ($750/year or $75/month): This membership is designed for creatives and includes rental space at Wicked Eden, professional resources, and exclusive event access.
  • Industry ($400/year or $50/month): Tailored for sexuality industry professionals, offering rental space, professional development resources, and networking opportunities.

Discontinuing Temporary Memberships

With the advent of the new monthly standard membership, we will be discontinuing temporary memberships as these posed a headache for us in the system admin, and were not encouraging people to get involved on the level we desired. But don’t worry, all members with unused temporary memberships, they are still valid! You will have 1 year to use them to attend a single event, class, or rental.


With the introduction of these flexible memberships, we are expanding our educational and social programming. Starting in 2024, expect more classes, workshops, and social events – all designed to foster learning, connection, and growth. We have some amazing classes lined up already, keep your eyes peeled!



Recognizing the need for spaces for intimate and personal experiences, we will be introducing open play nights for Gold and Silver members. Additionally, we’re enhancing our rental system to align seamlessly with our new membership structure so that both members and non-members can utilize our space, but at different fee structures.



We encourage our members to contribute their ideas and energy to help shape our events and experiences. We’re particularly keen to expand our volunteer team in various areas, aiming to triple our strength by next year. Whether it’s assisting with event planning, coordinating logistics, engaging with attendees, or providing valuable feedback, every contribution, no matter how big or small, plays a crucial role in creating unforgettable experiences for all involved. By expanding our volunteer team, we aim to create more opportunities for meaningful engagement, personal growth, and professional development. We firmly believe that volunteering not only benefits the organization but also offers a rewarding experience for individuals, allowing them to develop new skills, broaden their horizons, and build lasting connections with like-minded individuals.

Want to host an event under our umbrella?



These changes mark a new era for The Autonomy Project – one where financial accessibility and inclusivity are at the forefront. We invite you to explore our new membership options and join us in this exciting chapter of growth and community building.

Discover the joy of being part of a community that grows together. Explore our new, more accessible memberships today.