Why do we require memberships at Wicked Eden?

Discover the Heart Behind Our Membership Model at The Autonomy Project

Did you know that our memberships range from monthly to yearly and come with a variety of perks, such as discounts on tickets, rentals, merch, and access to classes? You should check out the upcoming events!


Ever wondered why we choose a membership model? It’s more than just a system; it’s the heartbeat of our mission. Memberships allow privacy, safety, foster involvement, support our nonprofit mission, and more.

Here’s why we cherish this approach:


Memberships ensure our space remains safe and trusted. By knowing who’s with us, we maintain an environment rooted in respect, consent, and inclusivity. This means you never feel unsafe no matter who you are, what you wear, what you look like, or what gender you identify as. Our org is entirely run by queer folks, most of which are femme or non-binary, and we feel pretty passionate about how this changes the environment.


Supporting Our Nonprofit Mission

Your memberships aren’t just access passes – they’re vital support for our cause. They help sustain our diverse initiatives, making sure we’re not just another venue chasing profit, but a community-focused on giving and receiving in equal measure. *Every dollar* you spend with us goes to one of our funds to support education, art and music, mutual aid, and our amazing community space.


Fostering Deep Connections

Through memberships, we build a close-knit community, not just in numbers, but in spirit. It’s about forming bonds where everyone actively contributes, crafting a community that truly cares.


Privacy and Discretion

We prioritize your privacy, which is especially important for those from LGBTQIA+, alternative lifestyle, and sex work communities. Our membership model helps keep our space discreet and secure. Our members never have to worry about their identities, not only in the systems we maintain, but also in the community we’ve created that prizes this.


Prioritizing Quality and Engagement

Quality experiences come from engaged members. Our model helps us focus on intimate, enriching events rather than maximizing attendance. We want the people here to feel like they belong, not just another face in the crowd.


Co-Creating Tailored Experiences

Understanding our members means we can create events that truly resonate. It’s about crafting experiences that meet your needs and spark your passions. Further, our events are collaborations between members and leadership, so we give you free reign to host the kind of events YOU want to attend!


A Community of Givers and Receivers

At the heart of our model is the desire to foster a community where giving back is as valued as receiving. As a nonprofit, your memberships empower us to create meaningful, immersive experiences that go beyond the transactional nature of typical venues.

Joining The Autonomy Project means becoming part of a community that’s passionate about contributing, sharing, and growing together. Our new $20/month membership is designed to make this as accessible as possible.

We also have memberships for professionals, creators, and more. 

Ready to be part of a community that’s about more than just attendance? Join us, and let’s continue to build a space where every member is an integral part of our vibrant tapestry.