Just what is Wicked Eden?

Dispelling the rumors and misunderstandings of stigma of what we are, and what we are not.

“People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer.”
― Andrew Smith


Wicked Eden stands out in the heart of Columbus not just as a facility, but as a beacon for educational empowerment, artistic expression, and personal growth. Founded in 2008 by Alexandra Snow, a respected advocate for the arts and personal development, Wicked Eden has matured into a comprehensive community resource, fostering a wide range of creative and developmental activities. This post aims to clarify our operations and emphasize the positive community role we play, especially in light of misunderstandings that may arise regarding our purpose.

Educational Focus and Community Engagement

Wicked Eden primarily serves as an educational hub, where workshops, classes, and seminars across various subjects like art, photography, personal development, and communication skills are held. These sessions, led by experts including educators, artists, and community leaders, are structured to enhance personal and professional growth in a safe, inclusive environment.

A Space for Artistic Exploration

As a creative space, Wicked Eden offers artists and photographers unique themed rooms for projects. These spaces are meticulously designed to inspire and support artistic endeavors, available for anyone looking to explore their creativity in a supportive setting.

Clarifying Misconceptions

It’s crucial to address how Wicked Eden differs fundamentally from venues like swinger’s clubs or BDSM dungeons. We are neither a sex club nor an adult entertainment venue but a place for artistic and educational growth. Our mission is focused on relationship development and personal empowerment and expression, not on sexual encounters.

Since opening, we have actively worked to dispel the stigmas surrounding our operation, often mislabeled as a “sex club” by the local civic association and other community members. We’ve hosted open houses to welcome the community to see our space firsthand, aiming to alleviate concerns and demonstrate our commitment to education and creativity. These events highlight that while our themes may be edgy and provocative, they are artistic and educational in nature. We embody the principle of being sexy, not sexual, recognizing that art can be bold without being inappropriate.

Most people attending for the first time exclaim, “wow, it’s so warm and friendly and.. wholesome.

Battling Stigma and Stereotypes

The challenge of overcoming stigmas is amplified by Alexandra Snow’s background as a sex worker, which has unfortunately cast an undeserved cloud of misinformation around Wicked Eden. The stereotypes associated with her profession have been unfairly transferred to our mission, obscuring the genuine community benefit we provide. It’s unjust to link her career with the goals of our space, which is dedicated to promoting a broader understanding of diverse lifestyles and expressions. Alexandra has fought for over 20 years to advocate for sex workers, who are people who deserve the same protections and freedoms as everyone else. 

Alexandra remains the Autonomy Project’s largest donor, a testament to her dedication to our community and to the mission at large.

Supporting Our Community through Mutual Aid and the Arts

At Wicked Eden, we’re dedicated to making a tangible difference in our community through our mutual aid fund and art and music fund. By raising money for these initiatives, we aim to provide essential support to those in need and foster a thriving cultural scene. Our mutual aid fund assists individuals in crisis, offering financial aid for emergencies, health care, and basic needs, ensuring that members of our community receive support when most needed. Simultaneously, our art and music fund is designed to cultivate the local arts scene, providing grants to artists and musicians to create new works, perform, and display their art in and around our facility. These funds not only help sustain the creative lifeblood of our community but also ensure that art and expression remain accessible to everyone, reflecting our commitment to nurturing talent and supporting our members in all aspects of their lives.

Vibrant Social Events to Build Connections

Social events at Wicked Eden are the cornerstone of our community-building efforts, designed to bring people together in a welcoming and inclusive setting. From themed parties and networking events to educational workshops and art exhibitions, our calendar is packed with opportunities to connect, learn, and celebrate diversity. These gatherings  are a celebration of community spirit and a chance to strengthen bonds within our diverse membership.

Our most popular events remain Tavern Night, full of D&D, board games, Magic the Gathering, and friendly competition; Empowered Dance, an ecstatic dance event for free form healing movement; and our Speed Dating event for meeting new friends and maybe more!

Whether you’re looking to expand your social circle, learn something new, or just have a great time, our events provide a safe and vibrant environment for all attendees. Each event is thoughtfully planned to ensure it aligns with our mission of empowerment, education, and inclusivity, making Wicked Eden a hub of activity and engagement in Columbus.

Entirely Volunteer Run

At the heart of Wicked Eden’s operations is our dedicated team of over 80 volunteers, the majority of whom identify as queer fems, thems, and trans  individuals. These passionate volunteers are the backbone of our community, contributing countless hours to ensure that our space remains a safe, welcoming, and vibrant place for everyone. Their collective effort in organizing events, managing day-to-day operations, and leading educational workshops exemplifies a powerful commitment to building a sanctuary not just for themselves but for all who seek refuge and community. This volunteer-driven model emphasizes our ethos of empowerment and collective care, showing that together, we can create a haven where diversity is celebrated and every individual can feel at home.

It’s important to note that Wicked Eden and the Autonomy Project are entirely grassroots projects without any federal aid or grant funding (at this time). It is only through the tremendous community involvement we’ve had that we are able to continue to do our work for the central Ohio community.

In conclusion, Wicked Eden is committed to maintaining open dialogue with our local residents and the wider community. We strive to operate within the bounds of local regulations, ensuring that our activities contribute positively to Columbus’s cultural and educational landscape. We invite skeptics and supporters alike to engage with our programming and witness the impactful work we do in fostering an inclusive and enlightened community. By joining hands, we can continue to provide a vital resource that enriches lives and champions a more understanding and inclusive society.